Announces New “Drive-Time Calculator”

Research shows that 73% of home buyers consider commute times a key factor when deciding where to live. In my experience with my own clients, that number seems like it should be more like 95%, if not higher!  This is why I’m excited to announce something that no other real estate website in the nation has…

Windermere Real Estate has just launched a new “Drive Time Calculator” on our website that helps consumers figure out commute times from active listings. Windermere has partnered with INRIX®, the leading traffic-intelligence platform, and recently released INRIX® Drive Time™. INRIX® Drive Time™ goes well beyond other real estate websites that simply provide distance to work in miles or travel times based on traveling the speed limit. Windermere’s new tool provides drive times based on real-time traffic information sourced from actual drivers. It takes into account every traffic factor, including traffic congestion, road construction, accidents, holidays, weather, events, police activity, and historical traffic patterns. This information is updated every minute, then analyzed and compiled into a historical database that is updated every 90 days, ensuring home buyers have access to the most complete traffic data available.

To determine drive times using this new feature, home buyers simply enter their work address into a field directly on the property detail page of an ‘active’ listing on


Then click “Calculate” and see the drive time from the listing to the entered address; hover over the chart to see drive time minutes next to your usual departure time:INRIX 2

And finally, click on “View Route on Map” to see the INRIX’s suggested route:
(Since INRIX helps calculate the shortest route based on shortest drive time, not distance, it often suggests a route that commuters may not have contemplated themselves. The details of a route are then provided on a map.)

 Bryan Mistele, the CEO of INRIX, sums it up best:

“Nobody likes sitting in traffic, and although traffic problems won’t disappear overnight, smart applications of traffic data can help drivers not only save time on their existing commute but help them through the process of deciding on the purchase of a new home. Using INRIX Drive Time, Windermere will be able to better inform its agents and serve clients by arming them with information to help making the home-buying process easier.”

I think this is going to be a great tool for my clients, or anyone in the market for a new home.  Check out some listings, and give it a spin!

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